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Meet the Multi-generational Herbalist of Cedar Hill Homestead

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Upon the inception of Higher Priestess, we innately knew that we absolutely must work with Victoria Vito, owner of Cedar Hill Homestead. Victoria, or Tori, comes from a line of female herbalists, spreading and sharing their precious knowledge within their family and community. We first saw Cedar Hill’s tinctures, salves, soaps and other apothecary items popping up at markets and events, and were astounded with the exceptional product quality and wealth of herbal knowledge that came along with it. Tori now offers guided plant walks and other workshops along with her physical items.

Our two women owned businesses began collaboration discussions at the source, Tori’s homestead. We arrived and were immediately greeted by two of her darling baby goats. So cute!! Over a relaxing cup of tea, we relayed our dream to make herbaceous-ly complex and aesthetically beautiful wellness offerings that promote increased intuition and inner illumination. Tori brought us upstairs to her workroom, which by the way - just being in the presence of left us smelling delightful for days - and started brainstorming blends while having us smell and sample. We quickly decided on a shimmering roll-on oil and a crystal embedded bath bomb as our first collaborations.

What is now known as the Higher Priestess Roll-On, consists of solar-infused Sunflower Oil, Calendula, Dogwood Rose, Rose Otto, Tuberose Vert, Cistus, Labdanum, Rosewood, Ho Wood, Amber Sweetie, Garden Patchouli, Oud Wood, Hoisery Frankincense, Red Gabon Sandalwood, mica and points of Citrine + Clear Quartz. All of these elements combine to create an earthy, floral musk that is deeply grounding. The glistening copper colored mica adds a bright, playful contrast to the final scent. Cedar Hill Homestead absolutely nailed it with this one. We love that there are quite a few rare essential oils included, making this scent delightfully unique.

The Higher Priestess Bath Bomb is pure luxury. Ingredients include Coconut Oil, Lavandin, Clary Sage, Garden Smoke, Bergamot, Baking Soda, Citric, Corn Starch, Sea Salt, Naturally Derived Polysorbate 80 and Mica. In addition to these beautifully sweet yet earthily rich aromas, there are embedded points of Amethyst which reveal themselves after the calming soak is complete. We are simply enamored with the end result that Cedar Hill Homestead crafted up.

Taking ideas to someone in hopes to collaborate has the potential to get pretty sticky. We view the effortless combining of forces between Cedar Hill Homestead and Higher Priestess to be nothing short of a sign from the universe. As we said before, we just knew we were meant to create gifts of self love with the powerful woman that is Victoria Vito and we are so excited for you to experience these first two products for yourself!

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