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Meet the Witches of Athamé Metaphysical

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Athamé is a full service metaphysical boutique with both an online + brick and mortar location in Nashville, Tennessee.

More than witchy-tinged body care, their hand made products + items are crafted with the intention to assist in magical workings. Their offerings are curated with the specific desire to enrich + expand personal spiritual growth.

They also provide a handful of helpful spiritual services including Holistic Support, Divination & Soul Medicine + Spiritual Consultations as well as offer a plethora of useful complimentary information in their online Grimoire. We recently had the opportunity to sit down with two of Athamé's extraordinary owners, Raven Robbins (adept) + Olivia Miyahira (alchemist) to brainstorm a magickal collaboration.

Our desire was to create a powerful candle, both beautiful + unique. One that would appear to be epitome of what our culture calls feminine, yet embody true contrast. We wanted something with a playful, candy-like aesthetic, but a surprisingly complex scent that would push the envelope of what is typically associated with femininity. Our vision for this product was not only to entice the visual + olfactory senses, this candle would also summon divine feminine energy while increasing intuition + inner illumination.

After an impromptu tarot reading from Raven that displayed how Higher Priestess and Athamé Metaphysical would begin to intertwine, the full collaboration discussion commenced. The cards made it clear that our powerful women run businesses were destined for a harmonious future, full of self love.

The spiritual gift that Athamé wound up creating for us was nothing short of perfection. Charged under the Gemini New Moon to spark a fresh perspective + synergistic connections, each candle in this small batch is topped with glistening mica, bits of rainbow moonstone + dried blue cornflower and poured into a handpicked vintage chalice + made purely with ingredients from the earth (Soy Wax, Lotus, Dirt, Neroli, Grapefruit, Sandalwood).

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